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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 16, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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similar challenge. >> just push hard, keep driving and you can do it. >> congratulations to all the finishes. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in the east and 9:00 p.m. in paris. the sun has just set on a new skylight in the city of lights. and now the flames are out, we're learning which price less items survived. and of the daring priest that ran toward the fire to save most of the famous relics of all. also, the stranger that cops say tossed a little by off a balcony at the mall of america. new today, why the cops say the man went to that mall looking to kill. plus, five stars is the gold
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standard for things like hotels. but on amazon, there's word that five star review for that product you so need could mean you're getting conned. how to know better as our reporting begins now. our reporting begins with the race to salvage more than eight centuries of history. the cathedral witnessed the worst of the black plague and forget about the nazis. the scene in paris is of a nation's resolve to rise from the ashing. live pictures as parisians and people from all over the world hold a vigil to honor the cathedral's long history. let's listen. ♪
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>> shepard: live pictures in the streets of paris this evening. in the spot where the flames tore through the ancient church for more than 12 hours. nearly gutting it. and now questions over what started the fire and promises to rebuild what church officials call the beating heart of france. around this time yesterday, we were reporting that firefighters said they were not sure the cathedral could be saved. that was their announcement at the time. the centuries old wood, stone exterior also made this fire extremely challenging to fight. air dropping water on the flames was not an option they said.
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officials warned the weight of that could cause the church to collapse entirely. this video showing firefighters running into the cathedral as the flames surround it and engulfed it. hundreds of first responders assisting at the scene and reports of nobody seriously hurt. analysts say the damage done to the cathedral may be in some areas, in some cases impossible to fully repair. the building's spire or steeple crumbled not long after the flames broke out. later the fire destroyed the roof and the 800-year-old wooden beams. now in the streets they sing. ♪ ♪
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>> shepard: it is note worthy that on the heels of something so horrible we tend to come together as one people with one thought, no matter how divided as no doubt paris has been as of late. and center ourselves and our minds and our efforts and our collectives around a thing that is so important to us, all of us. not just catholics or parisians or french men or europeans. but citizens of a world that marvelled at a place that had stood for so long, a place in which all of us might have felt
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so small in the grandeur of its structure, the power of its symbols. the warmth of the community within. though the roof is gone and who knows so many treasures may be as well, the people are there celebrating this place that they love because of all that it endured. even now still gives hope for what tomorrow can bring for the leader of france has said that with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars that are now pledged, they will rebuild as parisians have done throughout history. the cross at the alter was spared a symbol of hope and defin
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defines. emanuel macron spoke. >> we are this people of rebuilders. we have a lot to rebuild. yes, we will build the cathedral of notre dame even more beautiful. and i want for this to be done within the next five years. >> shepard: as we reported here yesterday, the cathedral was at the time undergoing renovations as the fire broke out. investigators say they're looking into whether attempts to save the structure could have risked its destruction. a spokesman for the company that is over sees the construction says his crew is cooperating fully with investigators. >> i think there's professionals with the judicial police and the fire brigade that are working on this. we told our staff that they should collaborate without police units without restrictions. >> shepard: and thus far it appears they are. officials say the fire appears to have been an accident.
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in fact, they reported that in the first hour of fighting it yesterday. we'll have coverage throughout this hour, including history of this grand place, what was lost and to our knowledge what was saved. the efforts to rebuild and the celebration of its history that is underway right now seven minutes past nine on a spring evening in paris, and they march in the streets. ♪
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>> shepard: on this tuesday of holy week, remembering what was lost and focusing on what can be rebuilt. greg palkot kicks off team coverage. he's live in paris this evening. >> shep, it's hard to believe that 24 hours ago the cathedral of notre dame behind us, 300, 400 yards was an inferno of fire and that fire lasted at least 12 hours. we saw the tail end of it, we saw the smoke and the flames bursting up and the firefighters finally dousing it out. some 400 firemen were involved. firemen and women. one was seriously injured. they got the job done. they were finishing up just in the past couple hours.
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the damage, as you have elaborated on, severe. the highest point of the cathedral, the spire, near the back of the nave was toppled. most of the roof was destroyed. inside, some experts saying as much as 2/3s of the wood work has been destroyed. but yes, artifacts were saved including crown of thorns that christians, catholics venerate as being worn by christ in fact during this holy week many years ago. it believed that the rose window perhaps could have been saved as well. and yes, the structure of the building, including two bell towers are in place. the next 48 hours, there will be inspectors looking at to make sure it's stable enough for investigators to go in. because that is the next step of this, to find out exactly what
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caused it. it's believed it was an accident involved with the renovation, but they want to rule anything else out, shep. >> shepard: thanks, greg. so we were following along as they were singing around the area there on the island, greg. you know, for anybody who has visited it, it's such a place of great hustle and huge crowds. tourists from time to time to see this. somber mood is striking. and now apparently bowing to pray.
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>> shepard: tuesday evening during holy week in paris. a priest is getting credit for saving the crown of thorns. church officials say believers have it that jesus wore this during his crucifixion. the priest reportedly went into the cathedral and went straight to the relics. report is that he saved the
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crown and the blessed sacramens, which is the consecrated bread and wine that catholics believe is the blood and flesh of jesus christ. lauren? >> these are all part of holy week. the priest, jean mark fornier. he's a chaplain for the fire department. the cathedral was burning and he ran inside and saved the relics that would have been central to notre dame's holy week services in the coming days. the crown is to be part of the actual twisted branches that so man soldiers mockingly placed on jesus' head after his arrest calling him the king of the jews. the french cultural minister says they're grateful for its safety. >> we would like to thank the teams and the city hall and the
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firefighters, the bishops that mobilized and made up our team to secure the most precious items, noticeably the crown of thorns and the tunic of st. louis which are now safe. >> st. louis was the only french king to become a saint, shep. >> shepard: lauren, now some of the other relics saved possibly date back to the time of jesus. >> yes. also saved a fragment of wood believed to be on the cross in which jesus was crucified and one of the names believed to be hammered into his flesh. they were found in the fourth century by helena as part of her pilgrimage to the holy land. the relics play a key role in the holy day services. the only day the crown of thorns is shown is good friday. that is this friday.
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what is now uncertain is if the relics will be part of the easter weekend services at another location or if they'll remain stored for safe keeping, shep. >> shepard: thanks, lauren green. next we'll take you live to kabul, afghanistan. nearly 18 years after the war began for a look at the renewed push for peace. "curiouser and curiouser," said alice. "the rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way." "i've seen a cat without a gri, but a grin without a cat." hey, mercedes, end audio. change lighting to soft blue. the completely reimagined 2020 gle. with intelligent voice control and available third row. your adventure awaits at the mercedes-benz spring event but hurry the event ends april 30th.
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hi, i'm joan lunden. when my mother began forgetting things,
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after nearly 18 years and 2,283 service members killed, u.s. service members, american warriors are still dieing in afghanistan. just last week a roadside bomb killed three marines. in a generation where they know only war, there's still hope for peace, this month a renewed effort to end the fighting for good with peace talks in qatar. even still, just days ago, the taliban declared plans for a spring offensive against american forces. steve harrigan was in afghanistan when the war first broke out. >> and who is shooting at whom behind you? >> i tell you, the positions are about a mile -- will you get down over there? >> shepard: steve is back on the
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ground where it began. he's reporting live from kabul. any sense of optimism in the middle of these reported peace talks? >> shepard, much nicer conditions 18 years later. we have light, water. if you walked around kabul for a few days like we have done, you don't get the sense that this is a place where an active war is going on. of course, in parts of the country that's what's happening. the taliban is fighting for position ahead of the peace talks. the u.s. is doing the same. it's a remote war. one side using bombs buried under roads. the other side using drones. they're fighting each other for position before peace talks. if you walk around kabul, you can see the traffic, the bustle. a city whose population has quadrupled. before it was helmets and flak jackets. now you can walk around. when you talk to people, you do get really mixed emotions. on one hand a sense of hope.
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maybe this could be not the worst thing in the world. taliban is part of our country. they should be included. the other hand, people say they don't trust them. they're going to try to turn back the clock and rush us. two girl schools were bombed in one part of the country this week. is that is what is coming or has the taliban changed the past 18 years? they're certainly trying to put up a p.r. campaign that they have changed. they'll have women on their negotiating team, they need international aid but they are coming. they're talking and still fighting at the same time, shepard. >> shepard: steve harrigan live early this wednesday morning kabul. up next, campaigns and candidates spent billions in the last presidential election. with all eyes on the big prize this year, the top contenders are already counting their cash. experience the style,
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>> shepard: the widower of an american war hero is back on u.s. soil after immigration officials deported him leaving the couple's young daughter without either of her parents. the man said he came in to the united states from mexico without documents back in 2004. then he got married a few years later. but then in 2010, his wife, a member of the u.s. military, the private first class barbara viera died in afghanistan. military officials say insurgents attacked her unit.
12:27 pm
she's an american hero. the family's lawyer says her husband later received what they call a parole in place. that means that he could live in america without any fear of getting deported for the rest of his life. forget the fact that he came in to the country without documents. jonathan hunt reporting live from our west coast news hub. jonathan, why did this deportation happen in the first place? >> well, what happened, shep, on april 8, a week ago monday, immigration and customs officials agents surrounded jose gonzalez's car as he drove to work before dawn in arizona. they ordered him out of the car and took him to a phoenix ice office and did ported him to mexico through the know -- nogales border crossing. >> yeah, i was scared.
12:28 pm
they came in with tactical equipment. i can see -- i can't see anything. >> a frightening moment for him. and he says the officers that detain him said the deportation order had been signed because he failed to show up for a hearing in december. he said he didn't show up because ice sent the notice to the wrong address, so he simply never got it, shep. >> shepard: wow. what happens now, jonathan? >> well, his lawyer said he filed a motion to reopen the deportation the case that he was arrested and therefore he should have never been deported in itself. now they have to wait for the judge the rule on reopening the case. the attorney, by the way, told us what should be in everyone's
12:29 pm
mind's, his wife's service to the united states and the well-being of the daughter, 12-year-old evelyn, who lost her mother in service to the u.s. and faces losing her father by deportation from the very country that her mom died serving, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt live in los angeles. we're getting a first look now at the first fund-raising numbers for the 2020 presidential race. according to the federal election committee, senator bernie sanders is leading the crowded democratic pack of candidates. he brought in more than $20 million in q-1. but some political analysts is say more money in the bank doesn't necessarily mean a presidential candidate will win the party's nomination. for instance, hillary clinton back in 2008 and the former florida governor, jeb bush in 2016. turn to the axios reporter, jonathan swan who is live with us now.
12:30 pm
jonathan, the one with the most president is president trump by a long shot. on the democratic said, everybody is counting dollars. >> there's a couple things here, which is the big point is, money is likely to matter less than ever in the 2020 presidential election. and president trump ironically given he's now got the most money was the leading edge of this in 2016. used to be the case that you needed a certain amount of money to be viable and show that you've got enthusiasm. that's true to some extend. but people -- i've covered trump almost four years now. people forget how shoestring his campaign was and understaffed it was and how he spent around half of what hillary clinton did and yet still beat her. so now he does have a proper machine. they're raising a ton of money particularly on facebook. it unclear whether it's going to be decisive or matter that much in 2020. >> shepard: a lot of his came from free media. how can these democratic
12:31 pm
candidates expect to get that? >> some of them like bernie sanders are good at it. woe saw it on fox. most of them are avoiding fox. bernie sanders got a big audience and put his message out there. i tell you, the person who has the most trump-like approach to the media is pete buttigieg. he's taking -- looks like trump in 2016. he would go on any radio show, tv shows. pete buttigieg did the buzz feed podcast, all sorts of media. they're not turning up their nose at unconventional media. he seams to be taking the most trumpian even though in style he couldn't be more style, trumpian approach to media strategy. >> shepard: thanks, jonathan. you mentioned the town hall last night on fox news. the most watched town hall of the year.
12:32 pm
more than 2.5 million people watched. that's just on television. doesn't count the other sources. ahead we'll take you back to paris where crowds have been gathering to sing and show their strength after the inferno at notre dame. the crowds are growing. around the world, houses of worship have been paying tribute, ringing their bells in notre dame's honor. among those, st. patrick's in new york city. can get you $54,000 or more to pay off credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments by over $600 a month. with automatic authority from the va, newday can help veteran homeowners when other lenders won't. home values are rising. now's the time to use the va home loan benefit
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12:37 pm
france as officials examine what is left of the 856-year-old iconic notre dame. some of the wealthiest people in all of france are promising to donate hundreds of millions of dollars to help rebuild it. molly line reporting live in paris tonight. molly? >> shep, even though the ashes have yet to finish settling, workers are assessing the constructive integrity of the building. a collective vow has been made to return it to wholeness. hundreds of people have pledged hundreds of millions of dollars. among them, bernard olmert. a french tycoon and his luxury brand, which includes fashion houses, is reported to be the fourth richest person in the world and he's pledged 200
12:38 pm
million euros, the equivalent of $226 million. they offered the teams creative, architectural and financial to help with the reconstruction on one hand and a fund-raising on the other hand. also giving 100 million euros, $113 million, the family of francois penault. they own gucci. and the betancourt family, the owners of laureal. and there's fund-raising efforts already underway. there was some talk this could take decades to get underway. tonight, the french president, emmanuel macron suggested a five-year timeline towards
12:39 pm
reconstruction. shep? >> shepard: molly line live tonight in paris. the french revolution, two world wars, social uprisings. just some of the events paris has seen in the cathedral's 850 year history. trace gallagher reporting live. >> what a history, shep. when notre dame began construction, there was a strong alliance between church and state and the cathedral was meant to show that paris was the political and economic capitol of france. notre dame was often targeted because of its symbolism. primarily in the 16th century when clashes between catholics and protestants claimed millions of lives and did heavy damage to the cathedral, including destruction of statutes considered idoltrist. it was later called a temple of
12:40 pm
reason and removing statues and artwork and turning the cathedral into a storage room. then came napoleon who returned the cathedral to the catholic church and ordered its restoration. the real renovations didn't come until 1831 until the hunch back of notre dame sparked brand new interest in the cathedral, shep. >> shepard: the repair and renovation seems to be a constant there. >> it is. france owns notre dame, but the catholic church is allowed to use it in perpetuity, which comes for the call of who pays for it. when it's 800 years old, it always needs tlc. here's movie tone footage from 1936. >> notre dame, built in the middle ages when they fashioned these strange gothic gargoyles.
12:41 pm
they're overhauling the spire, which towers high defying years and weather. the cathedral was renovated and restored 100 years ago. now once more, it needs repair. >> always needs repair. in the mid 1800s, the restoration project was so beautiful that when revolutionaries wanted to destroy the cathedral in 1871, several artists actually walked up and talked them out of it. >> shepard: thanks, trace. in paris now, a small concert is to begin. we saw some stringed instruments and quite a large crowd that has gathered on a chilly night for april in paris. 20 to 10:00 now in the city of lights. look at that. as far as you can see in this one area. and in the foreground and to the
12:42 pm
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> shepard: a concert in the night in paris to honor notre dame. a live look. here at home, the man who investigators say unthinkably threw a child off of a third
12:51 pm
floor balcony at the mall of america was angry because women rejected them. not the mother of the child, other women. that's according to the criminal complaint in minnesota. the suspect in court today. prosecutors say emanuel arranda went to the mall to kill somebody but the 5-year-old was not his original target. they said that arranda was looking to kill an adult but he attacked a child instead. the boy is still critical in the hospital. alicia acuna reporting live for us. alicia? >> hi, shep. emanuel arranda made his first appearance in a minnesota courtroom in the last hour. he's charged with first degree attempted premeditated murder after prosecutors say he threw the 5-year-old child off the mall balcony down 39 feet. when bloomington police arrived, they described the child's injuries as severe with multiple fractured bones including his
12:52 pm
arms and leg and massive head trauma. the boy was standing outside the rain forest cafe with his mother when a man she says she didn't know approached them getting very close. the mother says she asked the man if they were in his way and should move. police say at that moment, arranda picked up her son and threw him over the balcony before running away. police found him waiting for a train. officers say arranda admitted to throwing the child and told them he planned to kill an adult because they usually stand near the balcony. police say that arranda told him he indicated he had been coming to the mall for several years and had efforts to talk to women in the mall but was rejected and the rejection caused him to lash out and be aggressive. after court, the family's attorney speak outside the courthouse saying "the child is in critical condition but with the grace of god, excellent support and care is beginning a long journey to recovery." a go fund me has raised close to
12:53 pm
$700,000, shep. >> shepard: alicia acuna live for us. thank you. coming up, the story i mentioned at the top of the news hour. ratings for products on amazon. and the new report that some of those five-star ratings with bogus. how you can know the difference coming up. but first -- . billions of mouths.
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>> shepard: you go to amazon to buy something. check out the reviews to make sure you are getting a good product or that's the idea, anyway. a consumer watchdog claims it found thousands and thousands of fake five-star ratings on amazon. so how can you tell what reviews are real? the fox business network gerri willis is reporting
12:58 pm
live from the new york stock exchange. they found thousands of these reviews, these are customer reviews. you tend to rely on these, right? because you think they are coming from a valid source. 97% of folks who shop on amazon rely on these reviews. and, in fact that there is a positive review it can boost the purchase price 380%. according to u.k. customer group. what they found was hundreds of these and particularly when it comes to products like headphones, smart watches, wearables, there are scores and scores of products out there. how do you tell the difference between them, you look at the reviews, shep? >> shepard: any tips to spot the fake reviews? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. so go to the reviewer's profile. look at the reviewer's profile. do they post lots and lots of review and are they all either five star or one star? that's the problem. are they posted on the same day? that's a problem. it looks like it's not true and looks like it's fake.
12:59 pm
one word review that's another signal that there might be a problem you have to go to people you can trust. also just look at other sources as well if you are looking at buying gym shoes go to runner's world. amazon did respond to our comment they said significant resources protects the integrity of review we have clear participation guidelines for both reviewers and selling partners. take legal action on those who violate our policies. in fact, the case they got a lot of work to do according to the customer group. shep? >> shepard: all right. gerri willis at the stock exchange. gerry thank you so much. should news break out we will break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. a final word as the concert appears to be ending as they honor notre dame in paris on an april evening. ♪ ♪
1:00 pm
♪ >> neil: these are the 2020 presidential candidates for now and a lot of them rail against the rich always. but bernie sanders just went a little bit further. >> are people going to pay more in taxes? yes. but at the end of the day, the overwhelming majority of people are going to end up paying less for healthcare because they are not paying premiums co-payments and deductibles. >> neil: all right, here is the differentiator from that chat last night. senator sanders saying people are going to pay for in taxes and by the way not just the rich or the very rich. maybe you, too. he says when it comes to healthcare we will all be richer for it because people will be happy because of it welcome, everybody'm